Traveling to Philadelphia? A Snappy Guide

Philly, as Philadelphia is fondly known, is a warm and historic city. Located only two to three hours from New York and Washington D.C., Philly offers a laid-back setting compared to its neighboring cities. The U.S. Census estimates the population to be about 1.5 million.

If you’re traveling to Philly, here’s a quick but helpful guide for navigating the city while taking in all it has to offer.

How To Get to Philly

Philly is one of the largest cities not only in America, but also in the world. There’s no shortage of transport means to Philly. You can fly in through the main airport, Philadelphia international. You can pick a train from New York or D.C. If you choose to drive, make sure you choose clear and detailed overnight parking near PHL.

Once in Philly, you can get around through SEPTA, the public transit system, or cab-sharing options such as Lyft. Even better, you can walk around or ride bikes, because Philly is well-designed with bikes and footpaths.

What to do in Philly

Philly is at the core of American history. So, educating yourself a little about the multiple historical sites and museums, such as the Liberty Bell Center, makes sense. If you fancy some art, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Arts.

You can visit Philadelphia Zoo, one of the oldest zoos set up in 1874. You could also visit Valley Park, a 1,800-acre park with multiple activities, including hiking and bird-watching. U.S. News ranks Valley Park as one of Philly’s top 7 places to visit.

What to Wear in Philly

Your wardrobe choice when traveling to Philadelphia will depend on the season. The weather can also change dramatically between seasons, so you must be prepared. Philadelphians typically wear urban and trendy styles similar to what you’d find in New York or D.C. Your style will largely depend on the season and your activities line-up.

Summers can be quite humid in Philly. If you’re traveling in summer, wear darker dresses, but not jeans. Also, don’t pick beachwear, but sunglasses will look good. During winter, picket warm winter coats, water-proof ankle boots, and woolen scarfs. Winter in Philly is quite brutal, so pack heavy.

Now, that’s not everything about this fuzzy but historic city, but you’re better than a novice. Plus, sometimes you can learn more about a place by getting to the ground and getting lost in its diversity, sites, and food spots. So, off to Philly you go. Enjoy your trip!