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If you are looking for a music channel for your kids, then you need to check out FunAtoZ. The channel has great songs for kids of all ages. It has an easy to use interface and a friendly staff. You can easily set up a channel and watch your favorite music videos.

Music channel

Zing is an Indian music channel. It airs entertainment programmes in Hindi and other regional languages. Aside from movies, it features music, spoofs, and animations. The programming is also aimed at urban youth and housewives.

The channel has been ranked among the top five music channels in India. It airs a number of programmes including spoofs, celebrity interviews, and music videos. In addition to this, it is also known for its Bollywood content. Currently, it is available on Dish Network’s platform in the US.

FunAtoZ Music is a satellite television channel that is uplinked from Noida in India. It has a wide variety of content, including film trailers, wallpapers, and movie reviews. If you are in the mood for a chill, listen to the Mellow Minstrel Mix. Also, if you like to hype up, check out the Airship Cruise Beats.

The channel’s popularity has grown steadily over the years. It has recently announced a plan to include live music shows. This will be the first live music channel in India. During these shows, viewers can ask for songs and they will play them on request. Moreover, the network is also planning to include an interactive music show.

Meaning of the name

The FunAtoZ meaning is that of practicality, sincerity and experience. People with this name tend to be strong, original, romantic and generous. They are also known as emotional rollercoasters, because they are always in search of someone to share their feelings with. However, they are also extremely demanding, because they are strict and high-minded.

People with this name usually have a lot of relationships. Often, they are entrepreneurs, as well as advisers and excellent friends. Besides being very romantic, they are extremely reliable, as well. This is why people with this name are good at persuading others. These individuals are detail-oriented and are real action takers. And, because they place trust in logical thinking, they are often able to achieve success in their work. Those with this name are also good at teaching and instructing.

It is not uncommon for people with this name to fall in love very easily. For this reason, they may need to be a little less traditional. But, it is also true that they are very generous, as they attract abundance.


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