Is it Possible to Get a Real Estate License Over Summer?

The answer to the question “Is it possible to get a real estate licensure over summer?” may surprise you. In fact, it is possible to get your license during your college years. But you need to be dedicated and put in the work to get there. In addition to providing you with a career opportunity, a real estate license will help you develop important life skills such as negotiation, contracting, branding, and advocacy.

While the exact timing depends on your personal circumstances, it’s possible to complete all of the required coursework and earn your license by Labor Day. In order to get a real estate license over summer, however, you’ll need to have a lot of time. This will involve completing classroom classes and a real estate exam. If you’re working full-time, however, you can likely get it by Labor Day.

The amount of coursework you need to complete to get a real estate license varies from state to state. In California, you’ll need 63 hours of real estate courses, and a further 45 hours of electives, including business law, property management, and appraisal. Many pre-licensing courses will cost several hundred dollars. Many require post-course exams. Those exams can be tricky, but it’s possible to earn your real estate license during the summer.

In New York, the New York Real Estate Institute offers courses online, which are accredited by the state and are a great option for those who need more guidance on the material. While there are no live classes or events in the city, you can study online and earn a real estate license for less than $450. In all, a real estate license course is an exciting opportunity to advance your career.

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