How to Compose Online Casino Slots

The first step to becoming a successful slot machine composer is learning about the various kinds of music that is played in casino slots. The sound that is played in these machines is as intricate as Beethoven’s symphonies. In fact, some of the music used in online casino slots is more complex than Beethoven’s symphonies. A well-known casino slot game composer, Daniel Lee, who works for IGT, explains that the purpose of slot machine music is to keep the players interested and engrossed in their games. As such, the music ufabet be as interesting and entertaining as the jackpot bonus.

Bonus games

If you have played online casino slots on สล็อต, then you are familiar with the composition of bonus games. You need to select three symbols from among a number of possible combinations. The bonus game then reveals additional information about the player, including bonus money, number of free spins, and multiplier factor for winning combinations. Sometimes, the bonus game also reveals other symbols, some of which might be better than the chosen ones.

Scatter symbols

Initially, online slots featured red cherries as the scatter symbol. Today, the symbols come in all shapes and sizes, and they look great, too. In addition to increasing your odds of winning, scatters usually trigger a bonus game or free spins. To activate one, you must get two or three of them in a single turn. However, there are some exceptions. Learn more about them to increase your chances of winning.

Bonus symbols and scatters play similar roles. They trigger bonus games but are different. Bonus symbols have to spin in specific locations on the reels to trigger a special feature. For example, a bonus symbol in Pharaoh’s Fortune will trigger free spins when three or more appear. Bonus symbols are often related to the theme of the slot. However, in some cases, scatters can trigger a bonus game, too.

Bonus symbols

There are many different ways to compose bonus symbols in online casino slots on สล็อตออนไลน์. You can use wild or scatter symbols in combination with other features to create winning combinations. While the most common form of symbol transformation is a wild icon that changes from one image to another, other options can include morphing from one image to another. For example, Pragmatic Play’s Vampires vs. Wolves turns vampires into wolves, but this version has better screen coverage.

In the usual way, to trigger a bonus game, you need to spin three or more bonus symbols on a payline. To trigger the bonus, the maximum number of coins on that payline must be wagered. Once the symbols spin in, you’ll have triggered the bonus game. When you play online casino slots with bonus symbols, it’s a good idea to check the parable before spinning the reels.

Wild symbols

In online casino slot games, Wild Symbols can be found on certain reels. They can be standard symbols, expanding or sticky ones. In addition to completing a pay line, they can also create excitement. In NetEnt’s Guns N’ Roses slot game, for instance, the Wild symbol is a cross with skulls. Moreover, a wild symbol can appear in three different positions – at the bottom, at the middle, or on top.

While the number of wild symbols in a slot game is a little bit limiting, you still can take advantage of this feature. Generally, they can replace other symbols and turn a losing hand into a winning one. However, some games can have special Wilds in order to increase the chances of winning. In that case, you may want to study the casino slot rules and features thoroughly. The more you know about the Wild Symbol, the more likely you are to win.


Unless you are a professional composer, you may wonder how to compose online casino slots music. This type of music is composed to keep gamers glued to the screens for hours on end. A regular composer can create the soundtrack, but it should not be identical to any other piece of music. Many professional players are able to identify recognizable soundtracks from the first notes. Only when the soundtrack is based on a popular movie theme can it be considered original.

A composer needs to be able to adapt to different play states. Online video slots have a different kind of play state than traditional casino games, and the music must be able to change according to them. This type of work does not require an orchestra in a major recording studio. Most composers work remotely. Depending on the type of game, some composers use real musicians while others use virtual instruments. In any case, the process of creating the soundtrack is not easy.