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Flixtor is a movie streaming site that allows you to watch films on the internet. You can also meet people that share your interest in movies. As you get more comfortable with the site, you will learn about new releases and discover other movies that you might want to watch.


SubsMovies is a streaming website that specializes in subtitled content. It also has a large library of TV shows and movies. The site features a clean and sleek user interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

SubsMovies offers free movie streaming. Users don’t need to sign up or download any software to access the site. Unlike Flixtor, there are no ads on the site, and users aren’t redirected to third-party websites.

The site is easy to use and has a large library of movies and TV shows. The videos are categorized by quality and source. You can browse the site by year, title, type, or source. And since it’s a browser-based site, you can stream the content on your computer or mobile device.

SubsMovies is a decent place to watch free online TV and movies, but its interface isn’t as pleasant as its competitor Flixtor. However, it’s a good alternative to Flixtor if you’re looking for subtitled streams of movies in other languages.


MoviePanda for Flixtor is a site that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and other videos. It offers high-quality video and audio. Moreover, you can also download unabridged films and TV programs from its database.

The site is free to use. You can sign up to get a VIP membership. Besides, you can enjoy some other added benefits such as access to premium content.

Aside from the usual video clips and TV series, this site also includes old classic materials, as well as older movies in HD quality. In addition, you can choose from multiple subtitles.

However, you may want to avoid Flixtor, as its main purpose is to distribute copyrighted material without authorization. Hence, it is illegal in many countries. As a result, users can be sued.


Flixtor may be a good place to look for the best TV show, movie and concert experience, but not for your privacy. In fact, the site is so bad that it’s actually blocked in certain countries. And with the right VPN, you can get your fix, and your privacy, at the same time. To boot, you’ll enjoy a plethora of apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac that are ready to go when you are. CyberGhost is also a good steward of your privacy and will ensure you’re not caught out in the dark. It is also the most feature rich of the bunch, and has a dedicated server for each of the streaming platforms mentioned above. A tad expensive, but the price tag is well worth it in the long run.

ProjectFree TV

ProjectFree TV is one of the most popular websites for watching free TV shows. With over 10 thousand movies, it is easy to find your favorite show. It offers subtitles in multiple languages. The site also has a convenient search function.

Although ProjectFree TV is a free site, it may have ads. This makes it not as user friendly as other free streaming sites. You might need to test out different sites to find the best option.

SubsMovies is another great alternative. You can browse by category, title, and quality. Using pop-up blockers will help you avoid ads.

Putlocker is also a good option. This site will give you access to the latest TV shows and genres. Moreover, you can narrow down your search by IMDb’s top hits.

Alternatives to Flixtor

Flixtor is a popular website that streams free movies and TV shows. However, it has been temporarily closed due to copyright issues. Users began searching for an alternative.

One of the most common alternatives to Flixtor is MoviesJoy. This site offers high-quality videos at a reasonable price.

Another option is PopcornTime. The service allows users to browse and watch videos anonymously. It can be used on computers and mobile devices. You can choose the quality of the video and subtitles you’re interested in.

Pluto TV is another great flixtor alternative. The website provides thousands of movies and TV shows. While it does not have the same wide selection as Flixtor, it offers high-quality content.

LookMovie is another alternative to Flixtor. With a good library of movies and no annoying ads, this is a great option.