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Freshmusic is a series of concerts produced by the Creative Workshop Ensemble, an artistic group based in Taiwan. It is a fusion of traditional and contemporary music and is presented in several formats, including live performances, audiovisual works, and virtual experiences. This year, the 15th Freshmusic Awards was held and the winner of Song of the Year was Red Scarf by Taiwanese singer Weibird Wei.

Red Scarf by Taiwanese singer Weibird Wei was crowned Song of the Year at the 15th Freshmusic Awards

At the 15th Freshmusic Awards in Singapore, the ‘Red Scarf’ by popular Taiwanese singer Weibird Wei was crowned Song of the Year. The award is one of several accolades bestowed by the judging panel of recording industry professionals including Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the ‘Good Behaviour’ EP by Singaporean band Good Behaviour took home the prize for the EP of the year. This is one of several awards won by this talented and innovative group. Other winners included Chinese indie band FulushouFloruitShow, Taiwanese duo Vast & Hazy and Singaporean singer-songwriter lewloh.

For the first time, the Singaporean-based online music magazine Freshmusic also introduced an award in recognition of the Best New Artiste. They also gave the nod to the Taiwanese band Lilium for the album of the year. There was also a Best Band and Best New Band/Group category. A complete list of winners is available on the website.

Finally, the ‘Red Scarf’ also earned a well-deserved place in the Golden Melody Awards. It is a sign of great things to come for the international Pioneer Movement.

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The Mandarin Chinese ‘thong’, or pinyin, is a romanization system for the Mandarin Chinese language, in the form of Chinese characters, or characters pronounced in Mandarin Chinese. Its official name is the Hanyu Pinyin (pronounced ‘hnyu ping’), and it’s been around for a long time, originating in the mid-1950s. In 1958, it was adopted as the official system in mainland China, and is the basis of many modern Chinese translations.

The pinyin is a surprisingly good indicator of how the Chinese language works. For instance, the ‘x’ sound is similar to the native English ear. However, the ‘x’ is not a single letter; it is a series of syllables, and the best way to distinguish the ‘x’ is to place the tip of your tongue behind your lower teeth. A similar strategy is used to pronounce’sh’, ‘l’,’sh’ and ‘h’.

Freshmusic: Explorations with the Creative Workshop Ensemble

A new book, Fresh Music: Explorations with the Creative Workshop Ensemble, provides a comprehensive look at the 40-year history of the Creative Workshop. In this book, Jon Rubin explores the ways the ensemble has taught the world to compose and play music. The book highlights the group’s fearless approach to composing and its emphasis on listening skills. It also covers the creative process and the innate genius of the ensemble.

Fresh Music: Explorations with the Creative workshop ensemble introduces the reader to a unique musical process that fosters exploration and creativity in students of all ages. Students in the workshop learn to use the ensemble’s innate ability to react efficiently to musical moments, and to gain insight into the basic sound dimensions of tone, rhythm, and articulation. This process helps players develop a strong musical communication skills.

The book is a valuable resource for musicians, composers, teachers, and students of all ages. Whether you are interested in jazz, blues, folk, rock, or classical, this book will help you understand the CreW’s techniques for composing and performing.