4 Things you Need to tell your Personal Injury Lawyer 

The first thing you need to do after a personal injury is talk to a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer is your savior when it comes to claiming compensation or disowning the accusations. To take your personal injury case in a positive direction, make sure you build a positive relationship with your personal injury lawyer. Here is a list of things that you should tell your lawyer for a positive outcome of the case. 

1. If you have any pre-existing injuries

Tell your lawyer about any pre-existing injuries that you might have in the same part of the body you got the injury to this time. Insurance companies will try to pin the injury to previous accidents and claim that you were not hurt during this accident to save the compensation.

The insurance company will find out about your pre-existing injuries so tell your lawyer about anything that has happened beforehand. Your lawyer will build a case to defend the fact that the injury incurred is due to the accident and not previous incidents net worth.

2. Criminal history

If you have any criminal history it is very important to tell your lawyer. Any previous felonies or penalties or criminal records that you have will play a big role in making or breaking your reputation. Your lawyer will know about your criminal history so it is better to tell them beforehand and keep all the cards on the table at the first meeting.

Knowing about your past records, the lawyer will build a case that will help you to justify the previous felonies.

3. If you have prior claims

Whether you were injured or not previously, if you have any kind of prior claims, you must tell your lawyer. Your prior claims will determine your current situation. Failing to inform your personal injury lawyer about it will be a mistake that you do not want to make dstvportal.

4. If you are getting a divorce

Your spouse plays an important role in the trial. But if you are in the process of getting a divorce, tell your lawyer. In cases like this, the lawyer might not make your spouse a part of the trial therightmessages

A bad relationship with you spouse might make them speak badly about them. Thus it is important that you keep your spouse away from the case allworldday.