Should You Apply For Jobs When You Already Have One?

The answer to this question largely depends on the nature of your job. If you are currently employed, applying for new jobs increases your chances of getting chosen. You can also gain more leverage through the application process. More applications also expose you to industry professionals. Furthermore, companies who aren’t currently hiring may remember you in the future. Thus, it may make sense to apply for jobs when you already have one.

In a nutshell, yes. If you already have a job and you are actively applying for another, it would be wise to explain why you want to leave your current position. While you should never lie about your job search, it may help you get a promotion, a higher salary, or some other perk. Be careful not to disclose your job search, however. As a general rule of thumb, do not disclose your current employer’s name to any recruiter.

A common mistake many people make is to apply for too many jobs at a time. Although more applications are better than none, the process may result in a lesser quality application, reducing your chances of landing an interview. Furthermore, many job applications require you to submit separate forms and a resume, and may even ask you to answer pre-interview questions. Applying for too many jobs can be a hassle, so limit your application number to three to five every week.

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