Is Herbalife Nutrition Good Or Evil?

Is Herbalife nutrition good or evil? This question has become increasingly common with all sorts of health benefits being touted for the nutritionally-balanced supplement. But, is it safe to take Herbalife products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding? There’s no evidence that Herbalife products are good for you during these times. However, the company’s meal replacement shakes contain too much sugar, and they exceed the recommended limit of sugar recommended by the World Health Organization. Moreover, they contain dangerous ingredients, such as high levels of sulfites.

The company has refused to provide details about its product composition to researchers, which has caused much confusion. While Herbalife generates a lot of revenue from nutrition supplements, it has also attracted criticism for marketing the supplements to low-income and minority populations. A recent article reported a woman’s death from taking Herbalife supplements – Formula 1 Shake Mix, Personalized Protein Powder, and Afresh Energy Drink. The woman was taking these supplements, and developed jaundice and loss of appetite. Then, she was brought to an emergency room.

Herbalife products contain soy and whey proteins, which are considered “Big 8” allergens. The soy protein used in most of these powders is derived from GMO soybeans and processed with petroleum-based solvent hexane. Furthermore, 90 percent of genetically modified soy is resistant to glyphosate, a pesticide found in Round Up. Soy protein isolate contains high levels of glyphosate, and current data on its safety and health benefits is not conclusive.

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