How to Switch Careers From Medical Sales

If you are already in the field of medical sales but want to shift your focus to a different sector, you may be wondering how to switch careers from medical sales. Perhaps you are tired of the physical and mental toll of caring for patients and are looking for a change of pace. Or, you might be interested in earning variable compensation and bonuses. Whatever your reasons are, there is a path to success. Read on to learn how to switch careers from medical sales.

If you are currently working in clinical roles and wish to change careers, you must first understand the fundamental difference between medical device sales and pharmaceutical sales. There are still some companies that are looking for pharma reps, but almost every company is looking for “winners” and is willing to pay top dollar for a candidate with a strong resume, experience and follow-up skills. Fortunately, switching careers from clinical roles is easy and you should not feel intimidated by the transition.

Medical sales is a challenging field, and you will need certain skills and personality traits. It may sound appealing, but there are three key factors to determine whether you are suitable for the role. While this is not an exhaustive list, assessing whether you possess these qualities will go a long way. The following three criteria will determine whether a medical sales company will consider you. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a new career in the medical field.